Bacon Breakfast Cups

Here is a shot of my bacon breakfast cups as seen on Yummly.


In the past few months I have been introduced to, and am loving a website called Yummly. If you have not heard of Yummly, its a really awesome food site that lets you share recipes, and collect them to a saved recipe box so you can try them later. You can view so many recipes, it is nearly impossible to count. They claim you can search through over one million recipes from across the web. You can also connect with Facebook to share your favorite recipes. Another nice feature of Yummly is the ability to organize your recipes into collections. They say these collections are “like little cookbooks”. It basically gives you small collections of what ever type of recipe you like. Looking for breakfast recipes, create a “Breakfast” collection. You can get as creative as you like with your collections.

If you are a blogger you can also add the Yummly “Yum” button to your recipes. The “Yum” button lets your users add recipes from your site to their recipes boxes on the Yummly site. This gives your users a great place to store recipes from your blog as well as countless other blogs. When I “YUM” my own recipes they all go to my  personal Culinary Camper recipe box where I can organize them into collections. Once in my box, others can view them from Yummly and I can add more recipes from other bloggers. You can see how seamless and fun it is.

Another great feature of Yummly is that you can setup your taste profile with your own unique preferences. This lets Yummly know your dietary needs, allergies or any other information you give it. Yummly suggest recipes based on your own personal criteria, and will make recipes suggestions to go along with that criteria.

Along with setting up your taste profile, Yummly offers a rich search engine that lets you search by ingredients you have on hand now. Need to use up that broccoli in your refrigerator, search on Yummly and find several recipes on how to prepare it.

No matter if you are a blogger, or a user who wants a great centralized location to collect many different recipes from different websites, Yummly is a fun and exciting place to collect all your favorites. They even offer an iphone app, so you can download the app and have Yummly with you where ever you go.

You can check out my recipes on this page and Yum the ones you really like. Enjoy!