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Stuffed Jalapeno Pepper

Bacon Wrapped Jalapeno Poppers

Bacon wrapped jalapeno poppers are a  great appetizer full of spicy goodness. 

Course Appetizer
Cuisine American
Keyword Bacon Wrapped Jalapeños
Prep Time 20 minutes
Cook Time 1 hour
Resting Time 3 minutes
Total Time 1 hour 20 minutes
Servings 4 people
Calories 469 kcal
Author Barbara Tidwell


  • 8 - 12 large jalapeno peppers
  • 1 pkg soft cream cheese
  • 8 - 12 slices thin bacon


  1. Preheat the oven or grill to 325F.

  2. Clean each pepper by cutting off the top where the stem is located. Take a knife or a vegetable peeler and scoop out the seeds.

  3. Fill each jalapeno with soft cream cheese.

  4. Wrap each jalapeno with one slice of bacon and secure with one or two wooden toothpicks if needed. Alternatively, if you have a jalapeno roaster, you can set the bacon wrapped jalapeno poppers in the roast which should hold the bacon in place.

  5. Place on the grill over indirect heat at 325° F for about 60 minutes or until bacon is cooked. Let cool slightly before serving. The bacon and cheese will be extremely hot.

  6. Alternatively, you can smoke the poppers on a smoker at 225º F. for 90 minutes. If cooking in an oven, be sure to have a drip pan under the jalapenos as the bacon will drip quite a bit.