Rome Cast-Iron Square Pie Iron

This is hands down a great sandwich maker for camping and should always be part of your camp cooking gear. I’ve been using various pie irons for 20 or more years now and I never leave for a camping trip without one. I have two, one is a very old aluminum iron I picked up back in college, the other is this Rome Cast-Iron Square Pie Iron. This is hands down my favorite pie iron to use because it is made of cast iron and cast iron is one of my favorite cooking materials. The reason why is that cast iron is good at uniformly spreading the heat around the metal so that your food cooks evenly. Besides being a great sandwich maker this little tool can be used to make many other dishes and desserts too.

Pie Iron Pros:

  • Cooks food evenly
  • Easy to clean
  • Small and easy to pack and transport
  • Super fun, especially for kids

Pie Iron Cons:

  •  Cast iron can break or rust, so you must care for it (see Cast Iron Care on this website)
  • It only makes one sandwich at a time

The pros definitely out way the cons on these fabulous and versatile little cookers. If you want to create delicious sandwiches and desserts, this is the handiest little tool for you. With it, you can bake biscuits, make cookies, make the most incredible grilled cheese sandwiches, cook hamburgers and other meats or whatever your imagination can put together. Click on the link to make this part of your next camp cooking experience.

Rome Cast-Iron Square Pie Iron