How to grill rib eye steak is not difficult and is a favorite among man because it is a juicy tender steak that is quick and easy to make. There are a few tricks to grilling a good steak and this handy steak times cooking chart is a great way to give some insight into how long the steak should cook.

How to Grill Rib Eye Steak

How to grill rib eye steak is no huge secret, nor is it very difficult if you follow a few simple guidelines. First, season or marinate the steak. The reason for this is obviously for flavor. The other reason for this is that it can help tenderize the meat. Second, cook steak on a hot grill, so pre-heat the grill at a high temperature at least 15 minutes ahead of time. Grilling is always done at high temps, usually at least 450 to 500 F. for steaks. Third, to cook to desired doneness, make sure you follow the guidelines for doneness. This handy chart can help you determine how long to cook the steak on each side. This chart gives you a good general idea of how long to cook steaks on each side. Cooking times may vary based differences between equipment and the amount of heat produced. This chart is a nice guideline, but I sometimes cook my steaks for less time than stated. This is because I like my steak mooing. I also may divide the cooking time evenly between the sides.

A simple chart for how long to grill steaks. Steak cooking times for desired doneness.

Steak Cooking Time

The steak I cooked in these photos was about an inch thick raw. I cooked it for 4 minutes on each side. While the steak was rare, I would have preferred it be a little redder, regardless, it was delicious! Steaks lose some volume when cooked so it was no longer an inch thick after it was cooked.

Knowing how long to cook a steak depends on how thick it is.

Calculating steak thickness.

How to Tenderize Rib Eye Steak

A bunch of what I have read about tenderizing steak makes at least some mention of using salt to tenderize it. Many suggest using a coarse ground salt such as sea salt or kosher salt and rubbing about a tablespoon to a tablespoon and a half on each side. Then let the steak rest at room temperature for about an hour. After an hour, rinse the steak with cold water and pat dry with a paper towel. At this time you can add the seasoning. Of course, rib eye steak is already a pretty tender cut. Just buy high-quality meat, to begin with, and you shouldn’t have too much trouble with keeping your rib eye tender. My parents use to tenderize meat by pounding on it with a mallet. I have tried this method, but I must be too brutal because I usually end up pulverizing it. So, for this recipe, I decided to try the salt method. I think it did make the steak a little more tender, and at the same time, it seasoned it a bit. If you use this method, watch how much salt you use when you are seasoning the steak.

Tenderizing a rib eye steak with coarse Kosher salt.


How to Season Rib Eye Steak

In general, keep steak seasoning pretty simple. Salt and pepper should be the basis of any steak seasoning, but a little garlic can add a ton of flavor. You can also experiment with marinades. I like to use Worsteshire sauce with a little salt and pepper and let the steak rest while I get the grill ready. I have also used variations of Worsteshire, soy sauce, lemon juice, or teriyaki on various steak cuts, but for rib eye keeping it simple is my favorite.

Rib eye steak seasoned with Worcestershire, garlic powder, salt and pepper.

Grilling steak.

Why Do You Need To Rest Meat

I know it is hard to resist cutting into a juicy steak right away but you will be glad you waited. The reason you need to let the steak rest is because the juices need a chance to be re-absorbed into the meat. While the steak is cooking the juices are circulating around in the heat. By letting it rest, the juice will re-absorb and settle producing a much juicier steak. This rule applies to any meat you cook, not just steak. In fact, I let a lot of recipes rest before I dig in. It just seems to make a better tasting dish.

Amazing grilled rib eye steak.

Delicious grilled rib eye steak.

How Long Should Steak Rest

There are three common guidelines for how long to let meat rest. One is let meat rest five minutes for every inch of thickness. Another guideline many people follow is to let the meat rest for as long as you cooked it for. Lastly, let the meat rest 10 minutes for each pound. I usually let meat rest about 5 minutes, but I have been known to go as little as 2 minutes. I think the longer resting time produces a juicier piece of meat.

Delicious rib eye steak grilled rare to medium rare.

Grilled rib eye steak.

Free to Good Home, Rib Eye Steak Stealing Dog

One night we decided to marinate a couple of rib eye steaks for dinner. The marinade was some Worstcheshire sauce, salt, pepper, and a little garlic powder, simple but delicious. We set them on the counter to marinate while we sat outside and had a beer and relaxed. After about an hour, my other half went back in the house as I was getting ready to light up the grill and cook the steaks. Then I heard, “Wait, where is one of the steaks?”. My heart sank, I knew that my dog Jax had grabbed it off the pan on the counter. Gah! I was livid. Later that evening, I jokingly posted to Facebook, “Free to good home, rib eye steak-stealing dog.” We still have Jax, but now when we marinate the steak, it is well out of his reach.

A bite of medium rare rib eye steak.

Less thick parts of the steak were more of a medium rare.


Grilled rib eye steak cooked rare.
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How To Grill Rib Eye Steak

Grilling a steak to perfection is not an art but a precise measure of time and heat. 

Course Main Course
Cuisine American, British
Keyword Grilled Rib-eye, Grilling, how to grill rib-eye steak, rib-eye steak, Steak
Prep Time 1 hour
Cook Time 10 minutes
Total Time 1 hour 10 minutes
Servings 2 people
Calories 400 kcal


  • 2 8 oz rib eye steaks,
  • 1 dash garlic powder, to taste
  • 1 dash salt and pepper, to taste


  1. To tenderize the steaks, set them on a plate and sprinkle about a tablespoon of coarse Kosher or Sea salt on each side. Let stand at room temperature for one hour. Alternatively, you can pound the steaks with a meat mallet.

  2. Once the steaks have sat for one hour, preheat the grill on high. While the grill is heating, rinse off the salt and dry the steaks.

  3. Rub about a tablespoon of Worcestershire sauce on each side.

  4. Sprinkle garlic powder, salt, and pepper on each side and set aside till the grill is ready. The grill should be at least 450 degrees F or higher.

  5. Optionally, you can take a paper towel soaked in oil and rub the grill with the oil.

  6. Place the steaks on the grill and set a timer for the desired time to achieve doneness. For rare steaks at about 1 inch thick, that is about 4 minutes on the first side.

  7. When the timer goes off, turn the steaks and cook for another 4 minutes.

  8. Remove the steaks and let rest for at least 5 minutes. Serve with baked potato or your favorite side.