Dutch Oven With Lid For Camping

A Dutch oven with lid is a must for lots of camping recipes. The reason they make my recommended product list is that they are so much fun to use and so versatile. A Dutch oven with a lid can be used for anything from baking bread to stewing up your favorite chili. Turn the lid over and you can use it as a griddle. While they look like a pot they are actually an oven as well because of the great heat that is created by place coals on and around the oven. If you need more information about how to use one, please see Damn Fine Dishes Cookbook. You can also check out my links on cast iron care or my chart for determining the number of coals to cook with. Subscribe to this website and I will let you know via email when I post more on cast iron and Dutch oven cooking. Don’t worry, I won’t release your personal information.

Dutch Oven With Lid vs Crock Pot

Or should I say, why I prefer my Dutch oven to a crock pot? Don’t get me wrong, crock pots are nice if you want to program your meal to cook while you are not home. In my opinion, however, Dutch ovens do a better job of cooking you can not just set it and forget it, you will make sure your food does not get overcooked. Not to mention, Honestly, a crock pot is just a Dutch oven with temperature control and sometimes time control. I like the Dutch oven though because I can not only use it in an oven but on a stove top or over a campfire. That isn’t possible with a crock pot. The other great thing about Dutch ovens is that you can use them as a deep fryer. While some crock pots can deep fry, not all can.

Dutch Oven Pros

  • Extremely versatile
  • Cooks evenly
  • Can use just about anywhere

Dutch Oven Cons

  • No automatic timers
  • No temperature control

I not only highly recommend a Dutch oven, but I also suggest getting one strictly for outdoor use and one strictly for indoor use. Here in the northwest, the winter is cold and wet. Having a Dutch oven I can play with inside during cold wet weather is a blessing! Or and your kids will love it too!