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I love cookbooks! So this page is my review of other cookbooks. I’ll start with cookbooks in my collection and review more as I check them out of the library, or purchase them. I find book stores, the library, and garage sales are excellent places to get cookbooks.

Betty Crocker’s New Picture Cookbook – One of the Best Cookbooks!

Ring-bound – 1961

Betty Crocker's New Picture Cookbook

Betty Crocker’s New Picture Cookbook

The first cookbook I would like to review is an old favorite! My mother always had the 1961 version of this cookbook laying around the house. It was beaten and tattered but we always referred to it when I was growing up. Between this one and the Better Homes and Garden Cookbook, we kids learned a lot about cooking. These two were mom’s go to cookbooks. I learned how to make chocolate chip cookies, Christmas cookies, Yorkshire pudding, and countless other recipes from this book. Years after I had moved out, I brought a duck home to try to cook, my roommate asked if she could cook it and used this book as a recipe. It turned out wonderfully. I regret that I gave this cookbook to my brother when I moved into an RV. It’s still my favorite, and nothing could ever replace mom’s copy of it. But I am glad it still in the family and will likely go to one of my brother’s kids. I have found it on Amazon and will probably purchase another copy of it. It won’t be like mom’s but it will still be great!

I recently found the 40th edition of this cookbook at a garage sale. It instantly took me back to those days when mom taught me how to make cookies. It was usually chocolate chip, which was a favorite, but sometimes it was peanut butter or oatmeal. And at Christmas, we had a blast decorating the sugar cookies we made for the season. While this isn’t my mother’s original copy, I’m happy to have it.

Great Things About Betty Crocker’s Cookbook

  • The fact that this book comes packaged as a three ring binder. This is fantastic for leaving the book open on the counter as you are cooking and referring to the recipe. More books should be made like this, including my own, Damn Fine Dishes. Unfortunately, it is expensive to do this so most cookbooks are your standard binding.
  • Another great thing is that the sections are tabbed off so that you can refer to them easily. Meat, desserts, etc, are easy to find.
  • The recipes are indexed. There is also a table of contents.
  • These recipes are timeless. You can’t go wrong with these recipes. Countless generations learned to cook using these recipes.
  • If you are like me, and your mom always had this book, it will bring back pleasant memories of mom.

Not So Great Things Betty Crocker’s Cookbook

  • If you are looking for flashy photos, this is not your book. While there are photos and illustrations, they were taken in a different time than today’s fancy media. Still, the photos get the point across and they are quality.

What Is It Worth

I found this interesting website talking about what the top ten most sought after cookbooks are worth. Couldn’t help but see this one on the list.  Check them out Cookbook Village.

[easyazon_link identifier=”0393081087″ locale=”US” tag=”thecu0a-20″]The Food Lab[/easyazon_link]

Dear God, thank you for science and thank you for [easyazon_link identifier=”0393081087″ locale=”US” tag=”thecu0a-20″]The Food Lab[/easyazon_link]!

This is my favorite new cookbook right now. I was lucky enough to receive an Amazon gift certificate from my brother and quickly applied it to buy this book. This book has been on my wishlist since last summer when I was sitting in a Barnes and Noble waiting for a friend and I noticed a guy looking it over. After he put it back on the shelf (I noted exactly where), I went over and took a look at it. He later browsed by me, smiled and said, that is an excellent book. As I looked it over I realized he was right. Unfortunately, I was short on fund at that time but made note of it and added it to my wishlist as soon as I could.

So far I have only read the first 40 or 50 pages but so far I am absolutely impressed with this author. He writes with clarity and poise so that even the layman can understand the science behind what he writes about. The part I am reading right now is about cookware and he gives great explanations for using things like cast iron or woks.

So this review will be an ongoing review as I read more about this book and actually have a chance to try a recipe or two. So far I can tell you, GET THIS COOKBOOK! It has quickly become one of my top 10, hell, not even, top 5 cookbooks in my collection.

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