Rebranding The Culinary Camper

I have been thinking for a long time that I should rebrand The Culinary Camper. Rebranding would allow me to incorporate more styles of cooking than just campfire and outdoor cooking. While I love The Culinary Camper, I feel it is time to make a change to this website in order to grow creatively as both a chef and a blogger.  

You Can Still Find Old Favorites

The old recipes on this site are not going anywhere. You can still reach them at the same URL. My book is also still available under The Culinary Camper. I have set up redirects so that you do not have to change any bookmarks or links. I was toying with making the new name something like, or possibly I was thinking my tagline would be something like “But Not Always Nice” so I could be more myself. However, I’m a pretty nice person most of the time, I just like to swear. Also, I have never been akin that old line, “sugar and spice and everything nice”. That line is bullshit and stupid! So I put those names to rest, however, I have been brainstorming for weeks trying to find the perfect name. I think I finally have it but I may change my mind again. LOL

A New Name

Announcing the new name of this website. Drum roll, please. ………. Damn Fine Dishes
I have secured the domain name and have what I need in place to make these changes. I will announce a firm date in this post when I have one.

No More Boring Blogger

I want this new direction to be about sharing more of myself with you. When I started this blog, I was told that I needed to be professional and serious. Well, screw that! How effing boring can a recipe site get? I am tired of being the boring blogger! I want to be me, I want to tell you about my experiences and swear like a sailor. I am really good at swearing like a sailor and it comes naturally to me. Maybe we can have a laugh or two along the way as we share some damn fine recipes.

I Hope You Stick Around

Now its no holds bar. If you are offended by my swearing or who I am, well then I made you feel something. If I say something you agree with or not, I made you think. And if you do not like me, well, I won’t be able to please everyone. I will try to refrain from using the “F” word, and definitely the “C” word for that matter. I will not make any promises about my choice of language, nor will I apologize for who I am. I hope you give me a chance as I think we can have a damn good time cooking up some bitchin’ recipes, and hopefully learn a few things from each other.
Happy Cooking! I look forward to a new beginning with you.